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Beyond Sightlines The following transcription was taken from a conversation between Dr. Nehal El-Hadi and Jessica Karuhanga on 4 March 2023. Nehal and Jessica have collaborated on writing and programming for over six years, beginning with Ineffable Blaze, an exhibition curated by Jessica at Trinity... Read More
This week, we are excited to share a meditative video capturing the magic of Emily Pelstring’s exhibition, The Passion of the Hedge-Rider. This video marks the first time that KWAG has worked with artist Miles Rufelds to document an exhibition and we could not be happier with the results of his... Read More
Luke Parnell hands a print from his installation to a woman in a black top and red skirt
Powerful Glow celebrated its Opening Reception last Friday 17 June during an evening that began with an explosive outdoor performance by Archer Pechawis. Beginning with a touching tribute to Mike MacDonald at the site of Planting one Another and concluding with a rousing performance of the AIM Song... Read More
Installation view of Powerful Glow at KWAG
In advance of the opening of Powerful Glow , KWAG Curator Darryn Doull sat down with Curator Lisa Myers for an informal discussion of themes and relations rooted in the exhibition. Darryn Doull: Walking into Powerful Glow , one of the most apparent icons is the butterfly. How do you understand the... Read More
Installation view of From Her Perspective showing a row of framed works of various sizes along a yellow wall
This blog post comes to us from a great friend and supporter of the Gallery. Senta Ross is the most recent participant in the Community Curator program, which has produced thirteen exhibitions to date. With humility and grace, Senta is a passionate believer in the importance of the arts. A knack... Read More
Photo of Shirley Madill, a white woman with shoulder-length black hair wearing a white blouse
In the wake of the severe emotional and economic impact of COVID-19 on the arts, the team at KWAG has been reflecting, regrouping and redefining our ties to culture in a post-pandemic world. As we open the door to a new year, I want to share how the Gallery is moving forward. The challenges of... Read More
Photo of Yexin Tan, a young Chinese woman with short dark hair wearing a white shirt standing in the Corridor Gallery alongside a framed white Ron Martin work
We are delighted to welcome Yexin Tan to the KWAG team as our new Visitor Services & Volunteer Coordinator. Yexin has been working busily behind the scenes to welcome our visitors back to the Gallery starting this Tuesday 1 February while connecting with volunteers and planning new ways to... Read More
A sidelong view of Deanna Bowen's prints of a 1911 petition, showing black-edged letter-sized pages receding in rows along a white gallery wall
Late last year, KWAG’s Acquisitions Committee met to review and approve new additions to our Permanent Collection. This work of growing our Collection of over 4300 objects is always an exciting occasion to deepen our support of artists and their practices while carefully reshaping the canon of... Read More
Photo of Darryn Doull, a young white man with long black hair wearing a white shirt and black cardigan, standing outside with the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery's corner sign behind him
Our new Curator, Darryn Doull, has been hard at work in his new role at KWAG since joining the team in late summer 2021. Here, Darryn shares some of the ideas guiding the development of our exhibition program for the years ahead. Photo: Danny Alexander Recently, I have been trying to think... Read More
Installation view of two Edward Burtynsky photographs of marble quarries in black frames on a white lobby wall; the edge of a leather bench is visible in the lower left corner
Visitors to KWAG this week will notice something new on view in the lobby. As part of our ongoing commitment to showcase more works from our Permanent Collection, Curator Darryn Doull has selected two prints by celebrated Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky for a short public appearance. These... Read More