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Screenshot of a Zoom conversation between Dylan Robinson, Candice Hopkins and Crystal Mowry
At at time when COVID-19 prevented our usual public gatherings, KWAG hosted its first virtual Curators Talk on Wednesday 24 June to introduce the curators and ideas behind Soundings: An Exhibition in Five Parts . Moderated by KWAG Senior Curator Crystal Mowry, this conversation hosted on Zoom and... Read More
As a public art gallery, one of KWAG’s core purposes is to steward our Permanent Collection, which now numbers over 4300 works of art that we retain for present and future generations. That duty of care goes largely unseen in the racks and rooms where artworks are safeguarded from the elements, but... Read More
Mary Wrinch's landscape painting features a winding rural road entering a small village painted in autumnal colours
Virtual meetings on Zoom have become a recurring feature of both our social and working lives, from regular weekly meetings for remote work to weekend catch-up chats with friends far away. And after two months, a lot of us are looking for ways to inject something new into our physically-distanced... Read More
do it (home) promo image features the text "do it (home" in black on an orange background
We've been working with Independent Curators International (ICI) in recent months to prepare - and swiftly adapt - our presentation of their touring exhibition, Soundings: An Exhibition in Five Parts . This collaborative process provides further opportunity to share more of ICI's creations with our... Read More
A collaged child's picture of a caterpiller walking under a rainbow and radiating colourful squiggle marks
Catherine Mellinger is mixed media collage artist and certified Expressive Arts Therapist who has shared her creativity with learners of all ages through KWAG’s Public Programs, from mentoring teenaged artists through our InSight residency program to supporting seniors in Meet Me at the Gallery. In... Read More
Photo of two pairs of gallery visitors seen from behind as they examine rows of pages of Deanna Bowen's installation of a 1911 petition, which fills the wall to both edges of the photo
Last fall, when I could simply pop into KWAG and have a chat with real, living, breathing people, I interviewed Senior Curator Crystal Mowry. Our conversation really drove home to me the extent to which art isn’t just about preserving our past, but also about questioning our past. During COVID... Read More
View of Amanda Rhodenizer's studio wall showing four paintings in progress of working women in saturated colour settings; a small studio table sits in the foreground
Amanda Rhodenizer was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and is currently based in Waterloo. She holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2006) and an MFA from the University of Waterloo (2014). Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the... Read More
A female skateboarder in dark clothes and a black facemask holds up her green skateboard while reclined against the side of a graffiti-covered half-pipe wall
The last exhibition that KWAG was able to sustain from open to close before COVID-19 upended our exhibition schedule was Adad Hannah’s Glints and Reflections . A mid-career retrospective organized and circulated by the Musée d’art de Joliette , Hannah’s exhibition provided a broad overview of the... Read More
A white knitted sweater spread out on a dark wood laminate floor with a pattern of violet and orange flowers worked into its lower edge
Kate Carder-Thompson will be a familiar figure to teachers and families who have brought their children through our doors over the years; she served as our Education Coordinator here at KWAG before moving on to complete her Master of Fine Arts at Western University, and remains an active art... Read More
A photograph of a collapsing wood barn in a bright spring landscape of green grass and blue sky
Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered all cultural institutions and confined people to their homes, efforts have been raised world-wide to keep the arts alive through digital means. From livestreamed performances of theatre and music to virtual views of closed exhibitions, artists and the... Read More