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A greyscale image of a Virgin Mary figure in heavy robes without a face or hands, with a second figure visible against her shape by its negative space
With her patient approach to creative process and nimble handling of diverse influences and materials, Erika DeFreitas is a conceptual artist who explores language, loss and identity in her work. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and will be familiar to KWAG audiences for her... Read More
If a work of art could speak in its own voice, what would it have to say? Kitchener artist Aislinn Thomas opens up this possibility in A piece of cloth, held taut – a new audio art project commissioned by KWAG in response to select works of art in our Permanent Collection exhibition, The Myth of... Read More
Carol Wainio's painting Season's End is a richly layered landscape in dark earth tones featuring a large burrowing bird creature, a small human figure in fur and antlers and a crudely-drawn steel tower teetering beneath a heavy marble-patterned sky
With everything else happening in the world around us, it may be easy to forget that this day also marks the return of spring. To mark the occasion, we’re sharing a work of special significance from our Permanent Collection: Carol Wainio’s visually sumptuous painting, Season’s End . Wainio is an... Read More