Annie MacDonell: The Beyond Within

Two women seen from behind, nude from the waist up, as one draws lines on the other's back that the recipient translates to lines drawn on the white wall before them
October 8, 2021 to January 28, 2022

Curated by Crystal Mowry and Leila Timmins 

This exhibition brings together a group of Annie MacDonell’s recent videos, photographs and installation, each of which propose new ways to reimagine or resist contemporary life under capitalism. The works in the exhibition question whether radical experiential, interpersonal and philosophical experiences might be part of an as-yet undefined path out of our current crisis. The works use image, video, installation and writing as tools to recalibrate our thinking and imagine new ways forward. 

The works assembled in the exhibition present a range of strategies for this reorientation. In the film Communicating Vessels (produced with collaborator Maïder Fortuné) friendship, pedagogy and artmaking become productive, if precarious portals through which to escape the isolation of the self by way of the ideas and images that move between us. OUTHERE (for Lee Lozano), also produced with Fortuné, investigates and reanimates a performance lecture given by American conceptual artist Lee Lozano in Halifax, in 1971. In the multiple part installation The Beyond Within psychedelic experience is a means through which to dissolve the ego and access new forms of collectivity and connectivity. 

The works are underpinned by a deeply feminist conception of the everyday as the base material of meaningful political engagement with the world, as well as by a belief in art as a necessary clarifier and essential tool in world building. The works make use of the radical, lateral and connective thinking available through artmaking as the experiential basis for the construction of new political futures. 

Organized and produced in partnership with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.

Funded with the support of KWAG's Women of Influence for Women's Art, the Allan MacKay Curatorial Fund and the Musagetes Fund at Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation.

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Maïder Fortuné and Annie MacDonell, still from Communicating Vessels, 2020. Digital video, 31 minutes. Courtesy of the Artists.