Expressions 48: Wherever You Are

Painting of a long street extending to a distant blue horizon with sun-dappled buildings, trees and cars to either side of the road
February 4, 2023 to March 19, 2023

Curated by KWAG Public Programs Department

Selected works from the Permanent Collection and students from Waterloo Region

Opening Reception: Sunday 5 February


Every year, Expressions showcases student art from across Waterloo Region and highlights the perspectives and experiences of young artists in our community. This year, students will respond to the theme Wherever You Are, inspired by Sarah Al-Dulaimi’s Summer Urban Landscape. We ask students to embrace the present and create artwork that conveys the space they currently occupy: physically, mentally, and artistically. We encourage artists to take note of where they are, capture an image of their surroundings or create a representation of their emotional space.

The Call for Submissions for Expressions 48: Wherever You Are is now open with a deadline of 11 January 2023 to receive Artwork Label Forms.


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Sarah Al-Dulaimi, Summer Urban Landscape, 2022. Courtesy of the Artist.