Ken & Norah Rae

Member since: 

When you’re not at the Gallery, where would we find you and what would you be doing?

Ken plays tennis two to three times a week while working a full week at the Rae Lipskie Partnership. His other club affiliations include the Conservative Business Association (CBA), Probus and the Gyro Club. We both curl in the winter, and are also members of the Easy Riders cycle group, a group of seniors who cycle one to two times per week. We are also Symphony lovers. We travel and cottage, and I have been a member of the May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo for forty years. May Court is an organization of women that work to better the lives of women and children in need in our community. We are also members of the Church of the Good Shepherd on Margaret Avenue.             

What’s your first or fondest memory of the Gallery?  

When our daughter, Melanie, graduated from high school, a piece of her art was on display at KWAG with the Waterloo Region District School Board art show which the Gallery does yearly still, as I recall. A patron of the arts spotted Melanie's painting and was curious if it might be for sale. The Gallery and the School were able to track Melanie down and she was thrilled to sell. We called the Gallery to ask how we should handle this transaction and was advised that we should call the person with a price – but not too low a price! My recollection is that she was a lovely lady, paid a decent price for the painting, took it out to her car and came back with more money as she hadn't realized the painting was so large! That token of appreciation took two forms: the new owner was thrilled and we try every year to visit the exhibition at the Gallery.

Tell us about an exhibition at KWAG that really stood out for you and why.  

Edward Burtynsky’s Infinite Change– all of Edward’s work makes one think deeply of the world around us. His art and his reasons for his subject matter are both very interesting and thought provoking.  Each time we visit the Gallery, we find our world expanding.

You’ve been Members for more than fifteen years – what has kept you involved with the Gallery for so long? 

Our membership allows us to participate more fully in everything KWAG has to offer. Meeting the artists, learning the thought process behind their work which in some cases is most helpful and gives their work more meaning.


Photo: Ken and Norah Rae (centre) with Deborah Repke (left) of Eyelight and Alex Stoody (right), an employee of Rae and Lipskie at Black & Gold 2018.