Reetu and Dalvir Kambo

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Reetu, you are an accountant. Dalvir, you are in the hospitality business. Why are the arts important to you?

We have both always had an interest in the arts from a young age, although different mediums. Reetu has always been drawn to sketching and painting and Dalvir to music and video. Although our chosen career paths may seem different from the arts, there are definitely parallels: there has to be creativity, innovation and perspective in any business. For us today, the arts are like an escape from our day-to-day life.


What is the first piece of art you remember seeing as a child or young person?

Probably a bit cliché, it was the very well known Mona Lisa.


What has surprised you most about the Gallery?

The diversity of the exhibitions and programs that are offered. It truly is a world-class gallery that is supported by the calibre of staff and events that take place throughout the year. Until Reetu visited the Gallery a few years ago to meet the President of the Board at that time, Rita Ross, we unfortunately did not even know it existed in the region. We have since had the opportunity to visit the Gallery for a variety of events, such as exhibition openings, the Sight and Taste series and Vault Tours. In summer 2015 we also hosted a private event of our own, in the Community Access Space, with family and friends.


You give money and time and contribute to the Silent Auction at the Gala, why do you support KWAG?

We live and work in the region and as we get older have started to recognize more the importance of being a part of and giving back to your community. Since Reetu is on the Board of Directors, she can also appreciate the amount of time and effort that is put into organizing events such as the Black & Gold gala, how important an event it is to the Gallery’s operations and how much it depends on the artist and community donations to be a successful event. We try to help out however we can.


If you were an artist, what medium would you explore?

This ties in nicely to the first question. For Reetu, it’s paint, and for Dalvir, video.