By Your Own Stars: Works from the Permanent Collection

Michel-Thomas Tremblay's Accroche-Toi is a predominantly black mixed media artwork with abstract white diagonal shapes edged in blue, yellow and orange interrupting the darkness; two small steel hooks hang over the centre of the artwork by a suspended v-shape of thin yellow string
March 21, 2020 to March 21, 2021

Curated by Jennifer Bullock

Featuring works by Ernane Cortat, Ken Danby, Joseph Drapell, William Kurelek, Rita Letendre, Jean McEwen, Kent Monkman, Norval Morrisseau, Cheryl Ruddock, Richard Sturm, and Michel-Thomas Tremblay

What does it mean to follow one’s own stars rather than follow the path that others seek to impose? This exhibition of works from the Permanent Collection explores the pursuit of independent thought in the face of external pressure to conform.

The strength of character required to stay the course despite adversity, even in the face of failure, is a valued trait. We respect those who remain true to their principles, even when we disagree. We celebrate stories that elevate personal integrity above comfort or acceptance.

In achieving independence of thought and pursuing truth in the face of misrepresentation, a life’s journey may become a struggle to be heard and to bring change. Yet writing one’s own destiny may inspire others – not necessarily to follow your stars but, to follow their own.


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This Permanent Collection exhibition is kindly supported by Activa.

Michel-Thomas Tremblay (Canadian, b. 1947), Accroche-Toi, 1987. Mixed media on canvas, 150.2cm x 119.8cm (framed). Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery Collection. Gift of Khiem T. Dao, 1992. © Michel-Thomas Tremblay. Photo: KWAG.