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  • Body Beautiful

Bill Hoopes, Jan Menses, John Gould, Karen Fletcher, Kent Monkman, Meryl McMaster, Stanley Lewis, Torrie Groening and Walter Bachinski

Community Curator Bangishimo

This iteration of the beloved Community Curator series will be curated by Bangishimo and will overlap with their solo exhibition, The Medicines We Carry. 

Body Beautiful examines the shame that we associate with our bodies. Colonialism imposes Western standards of beauty that can marginalize Indigenous and other racialized bodies. This perpetuates a narrative that understands these bodies as inferior or deviant. These expectations of beauty also produce a flattening sameness, creating systems in which we see our own bodies as something to be evaluated against others, rather than celebrated alongside. 

How do we create the conditions where we may celebrate our bodies and shift away from the standards of beauty that continue to be perpetuated by mainstream media and prevailing societal norms? By empowering one another to receive love, we break down the walls of shame and understand our bodies as vessels of beauty and resilience.


About the Community Curator Program

This program is a unique opportunity for local artists, art enthusiasts and Gallery Volunteers to propose research projects that focus on the KWAG Permanent Collection. Working closely with KWAG staff, these projects often develop into exhibitions that reflect the personal interests and curiosities of the Guest Curator. Through this exchange, new insights invigorate our Collection as a vital archive that is shaped by the community that it serves.