Mary Kavanagh: Trinity 3

Opens with a free Artist Talk on Wednesday 12 February, 7:00 pm. Trinity Equivalent [Yucca, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico | Observatory, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico], 2019.

Adad Hannah: Glints and Reflections

On view until 2 February 2020. Adad Hannah, A Rising Tide, from the series Daydreams of the Drunken Scholar, 2012, HD Video.

The Awesome and Awful: Works from the Permanent Collection

On view until 15 March 2020. John Gould, Central Casting Picnic, 1971. Conté on paper, 104.5cm x 155.8cm. Purchased in memory of Mrs. C. Elspeth Hall Kaufman, 1973. © Estate of John Gould.