Current Exhibitions

A folk art depiction of the Angel of Death entering through an arched window towards a man in bed
October 26, 2022 to April 16, 2023
William (Bill) Acres, Jack Bechtel, Salvador Dalí, Michael Falk, Michael Flomen, Sara Graham, Basia Irland, Otto Rogers, C.V. Stübbe-Teglbjaerg, Takao Tanabe, Dondi White and York Wilson Curated by Jennifer Bullock In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess Tyche, or Fortuna, is... Read More
A hazy watercolour painting of a seated headless figure flanked by two relaxed tigers in a jewel-toned forest
October 8, 2022 to January 22, 2023
Pardiss Amerian, James Gardner, Paula McLean, Caroline Monnet, Thao Nguyen Phan, Cecilia Vicuña Curated by Darryn Doull What does it mean to survive? Within a nation founded by colonialism, we find ourselves surrounded by survivals. In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, with... Read More
Three stained-glass windows displaying a variety of trees, animals, and magical imagery
September 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023
Curated by Darryn Doull In this significant new installation, Emily Pelstring channels the figure of the hag to reconcile material and immaterial realms and re-evaluate the thresholds between technology, nature, body and spirit. The hag is a cultural figure cast upon a threshold... Read More