Current Exhibitions

Painting of a long street extending to a distant blue horizon with sun-dappled buildings, trees and cars to either side of the road
4 February 2023 to 19 March 2023
Organized by KWAG Public Programs Department Selected works from the Permanent Collection and students from Waterloo Region Opening Reception: Sunday 5 February, 2:00 - 4:00 pm Every year, Expressions showcases student art from across Waterloo Region and highlights the... Read More
A portrait of the artist with spiking red hair wearing a blue dress, her arm on fire as gestures to an easel painting of a nude winged male among flames; both are posed in a pastoral landscape
21 January 2023 to 21 May 2023
Joyce Wieland with August Klintberg and Fernanda Pessoa Curated by Darryn Doull Dear Joyce, You continue to inspire us. Your groundbreaking oeuvre playfully complicates our understandings of nationalism, at a time when the flag itself has been instrumentalized for ulterior... Read More
A folk art depiction of the Angel of Death entering through an arched window towards a man in bed
Michael Falk (Israeli, b. Germany 1929). Chad Gadya V: Angel of Death and the Holy One, 2004.
26 October 2022 to 16 April 2023
William (Bill) Acres, Jack Bechtel, Salvador Dalí, Michael Falk, Michael Flomen, Sara Graham, Basia Irland, Otto Rogers, C.V. Stübbe-Teglbjaerg, Takao Tanabe, Dondi White and York Wilson Curated by Jennifer Bullock In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess Tyche, or Fortuna, is... Read More