Shapes of Facts video still with choppy grey newspaper fragments diminishing into the far black distance like an alien landscape
September 10, 2021 to January 16, 2022
How do you know the truth? More specifically, how do you come to know the world and culture in which you currently live? Beyond a direct experience of the people, places and things around us, we often turn to forms of mass media to help inform our place in the wider world. This... Read More
Two women seen from behind, nude from the waist up, as one draws lines on the other's back that the recipient translates to lines drawn on the white wall before them
October 8, 2021 to January 28, 2022
Curated by Crystal Mowry and Leila Timmins Organized and produced in partnership with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa As a surface with only one side, the Mobius strip resists orientation. To trace its surface is to experience left becoming right, outside flipping in, and... Read More
David Rifat's One Tulip Doesn't Seem Much is a pale silkscreen print of blurred horizon lines in red ochre, black and blue
March 30, 2021 to March 6, 2022
Curated by Lucy Bilson Featuring works by Barbara Astman, Walter Bachinski, Susan Coolen, Michael Flomen, John Hofstetter, Thomas Lax, Ron Martin, David Rifat, Michael Snow, Douglas Walker, Joyce Wieland, and Ossip Zadkine “I have never been very interested in pushing the limits... Read More