Who to Contact

Due to our ongoing Gallery closure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff are unable to answer calls placed to our main phone line and extensions. While we will be checking voicemail remotely, we recommend sending inquires via email during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Main Phone Line: 519.579.5860
Main Email: mail@kwag.on.ca

General Inquiries -  Leah Caravan, lcaravan@kwag.on.ca
Permanent Collection Loans - Crystal Mowry, cmowry@kwag.on.ca
Donations & Will Bequests - Shirley Madill, smadill@kwag.on.ca
Current Exhibitions & Artists - Žana Kozomora, zkozomora@kwag.on.ca
Corporate Partners & Sponsorships - Shirley Madill, smadill@kwag.on.ca
Expressions Student Art Work Exhibition - Stephanie Clinton, sclinton@kwag.on.ca
Gallery Memberships - Shelly Mitchell, smitchell@kwag.on.ca
Gallery Programs & Events - Stephen Lavigne, slavigne@kwag.on.ca
Media - Stephanie Vegh, svegh@kwag.on.ca
Parking Information - Leah Caravan, lcaravan@kwag.on.ca
School Programs & School Tours- Stephanie Clinton, sclinton@kwag.on.ca
Website Inquiries or Feedback - Stephanie Vegh, svegh@kwag.on.ca
Parking Ticket Complaints - City of Kitchener