Who to Contact

Main Phone Line: 519.579.5860
Main Email: mail@kwag.on.ca

General Inquiries -  Shelly Mitchell, smitchell@kwag.on.ca
Permanent Collection Loans - Crystal Mowry, cmowry@kwag.on.ca
Donations & Will Bequests - Leah Caravan, lcaravan@kwag.on.ca
Current Exhibitions & Artists - Crystal Mowry, cmowry@kwag.on.ca
Corporate Partners & Sponsorships - Leah Caravan, lcaravan@kwag.on.ca
Expressions Student Art Work Exhibition - Stephanie Clinton, sclinton@kwag.on.ca
Gallery Memberships - Leah Caravan, lcaravan@kwag.on.ca
Gallery Programs & Events - Stephen Lavigne, slavigne@kwag.on.ca
Media - Stephanie Vegh, svegh@kwag.on.ca
Parking Information - Shelly Mitchell, smitchell@kwag.on.ca
School Programs & School Tours- Stephanie Clinton, sclinton@kwag.on.ca
Website Inquiries or Feedback - Stephanie Vegh, svegh@kwag.on.ca
Parking Ticket Complaints - City of Kitchener